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ROAS-Focused Paid Search, Shopping Ads, Remarketing

We specialize in setting up and managing regular search and shopping campaigns in Google and Bing. We help you connect your Shopify store or WooCommerce store with your Google Merchant center. We aim at getting all our campaigns to positive ROI and ROAS from the start.

Revenue-Oriented Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is our next stop. Our experience includes audits and ongoing SEO campaigns on large and small sites. Our expertise goes from keyword research to technical bot crawling issues. Our SEO efforts are focused on conversion and customer acquisition. We have a proven record of successful interventions on Shopify and Wordpress sites.

Content Marketing

Stories sell. We know it too well after managing several websites with millions of monthly visitors. From engaging blog posts to giveaways, from brand videos to tutorial concepts, we have done it all in several industries. Our Content Marketing approach goes hand in hand with SEO. We can help your e-store get more customers with the help of relevant content.

Our Expertise

Search marketing for beauty products
Beauty Products
We are working with beauty and personal hygiene brands in the U.S. and Canada. These include makeup, waxing, skin care, and personal hygiene products. Our services include the whole spectrum of paid search services for these products.
Creative Digital Assets
Creative Digital Assets
We have in-depth knowledge of creative assets used in Cinema 4D, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve. We have promoted such assets internationally. We also operate a small video production site.
Foods and Supplements
Foods and Supplements
With the rise of online grocery delivery services, we worked with a major Canadian meal box brand. We also developed and run successful SEO and SEM campaigns for an online grocery store in the U.S. and two baby food brands.
Search campaigns for boutique clothing stores
From classy boutique dresses to custom swimsuits, from baby clothes to women's winter coats, we've done paid and organic search marketing for them with positive ROAS.

We are Google Ad and Microsoft Ad Partners

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