How to Learn SEO on Reddit

Discover how Reddit can help you enhance your SEO knowledge.

Are you looking for new source of SEO knowledge? You can turn to Reddit if you want to learn the basics of search engine optimization. This free site hosting millions of communities has a lot to offer to those seeking to get skilled at SEO.

Reddit is a network of communities where people share their interests, passions, and ask questions. There is virtually a community for everything you might be interested in. SEO is no exception.

Communities or subreddits cover different topics or subtopics. The name of a subreddit begins with “r/” in the URL. For example, the most popular SEO community has this simple URL: While the SEO subreddit is a popular destination for those needing answers about SEO, you can also find a lot of SEO-related topics in other subreddits.

Here are two examples:

Is Reddit a reliable source of SEO knowledge?

Reddit is not an SEO course or tutorial. It’s rather a collection of opinions and ideas. It’s an open platform so you can find tips and advice from both beginners and SEO pros.

If you want to know if Reddit is a good source of SEO knowledge, we can answer positively. We use Reddit almost every day to get the latest SEO news, see what people ask about SEO, get a word about any new Google algorithm change.

Reddit is also an good source to do research. If, for example, you want to write a blog post about a topic, researching on Reddit can help uncover questions that people have.

Searching on Reddit

You can go to and search directly on the site. Insert a keyword and Reddit will show a list of available subreddits. This is convenient if you look for a general topic.

Searching on Google

If you need to look up a specific thing about SEO, try Google’s search operators. We usually use and a detailed question. This way you are going to force Google to only provide results from

By using these two approaches you can find the specific SEO question and, potentially, good answers in no time.

How to create your own subreddit

You can start asking questions and provide answers in the current subreddits immediately after you create a Reddit account. If you want to create a subreddit for a new topic, you need to meet specific criteria. Your Reddit account should be at least 30 days old. It should be also active and it should have earned several “karma” points as a result of that activity. Reddit does not reveal the information about this minimum.

How to evaluate the SEO content on Reddit

Votes and comments are those signals that help you understand about the interest in the specific SEO content on Reddit. The more buzz there is about an SEO question, the more urgent that content may be.

You should also beware of hidden selling tactics on Reddit. Some of these external links may be inserted organically in the comments. But some may be just advertising. The comment below looks very legit. But there are a lot of others that are too sales-y.

Final words

Reddit is a solid destination for SEO advice. You can learn a good amount of SEO theory, get insight in other people’s experiences, and find reliable resources about SEO by using this website. We use Reddit almost daily and find it super useful.

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