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With years of experience in SEO and Search advertising, we value direct and frequent communication with our clients. We communicate with customers via their preferred channels like Slack or Skype, and are available beyond the regular business hours. Our clients in the United States, Canada, and the UK appreciate our responsiveness and efficiency, which help drive growth and positive results for their online businesses and ecommerce websites.

– YakMedia Team

We can help your online business grow

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO support includes all types of optimizations for your online business. SEO audits, SEO strategy, keyword research, technical SEO are parts of our service offering.

We also set up best-in-class SEO foundations for new and current Shopify and WordPress sites. URL structure, SEO plugins… we help with them all.

Paid Search & Shopping Ads

We have years of experience in managing local and international Google and Bing search and shopping campaigns with multi-million and small budgets.

We set up new Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts and manage search marketing campaigns with an excellent record of positive ROI and ROAS levels across several ecommerce businesses.

Content Marketing

Our previous experience in leading content marketing teams, organizing content marketing process, and driving conversion growth is another asset in our offering mix.

We base our content marketing approach on proven techniques and SEO practices that allowed to bring thousands of unique visitors monthly to our clients’ sites.

Expertise and Past Successes

Digital Creative Assets

From stock video, sound effects, visual effects, and visual effects to royalty-free audio and 3D elements, we’ve run paid search ads and managed SEO campaigns for such ecommerce sites for several years.

Search marketing for beauty products

Beauty & Health

From skin care to online pharmacies and telemedicine, we help such businesses grow locally and internationally. We manage search advertising strictly in line with the industry’s challenges and limitations.

Search marketing for SaaS businesses


Over the last couple of years we helped several startup SaaS companies by outlining their SEO and SEM strategies and tactics. We also executed on the recommendations and ran numerous lead gen campaigns.

Competences & Certifications

Yak Media is a Google Ad Partner.

We are a Google Partner. We started managing Google Ads back in 2009. Today, we achieve all the ad spend and optimization requirements to be a Google Partner.

YakMedia - Microsoft Advertising Partner

We are a Microsoft Advertising Partner. Our experience with Bing Ads dates back to 2010. We meet all the requirements to be a Microsoft ad partner.

SEO and Search Advertising Knowledge Base

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We are a dedicated Search Marketing Agency

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to offer a quick audit of your site’s SEO or your Google Search Ads or Shopping Ads for free. Let’s start with this risk-free step.

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