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PROHBTD: Art in the Digital Age

I had an opportunity to dive into the new trend of digital art that combines chaos and psychodelic imagination. Let me present PROHBTD to you, my readers.

PROHBTD is a visual artist who uses scenes of chaos in their art. PROHBTD approaches chaos as a means to send important messages and attract people to the problems of today’s America and the rest of the world. To me, this type of art is important for both personal inspiration and business aspirations. Let’s talk about it.

Chaos in art has always had its place since the ancient times. Chaos is complete disorder and confusion. When you look at paintings and drawings with dark and gloomy themes, you see chaos.

Protests, wars, natural disasters, tragedy, and, eventually, death are part of the chaos scenes from the past. The Scream, The Last Day of Pompeii, Saturn Devouring His Son, are just a few works that are characterized by a strong feeling of powerlessness (a.k.a chaos rules!).

These days, many visual artists like PROHBTD are taking chaos to the next level. Chaos is not used to scare, but to send a message.


PROHBTD is a visual artist who creates original works of art that’s designed to live in the digital and physical realms.

PROHBTD focuses on two distinctive areas in their art: FACE IT and ESCAPE IT. Both tread in territories that are often half forbidden or banned.

Within the FACE IT collection, the message is to stop and think about how institutions treat us, how we treat each other, how we treat the planet and how we actually should be treated.

Here is what FACE IT has to offer:

  • stop police violence
  • be vocal to be heard
  • be critical of what the media tells you
  • don’t be dead inside
  • technology is fast, too fast

ESCAPE IT is about exploration and escapism. These creations invite people to leave their daily routines behind and travel across a digital psychedelic trail and get to enlightened places.

Let’s look at a couple of impressive pieces from this collection.

The freedom analogy is so strong here: break free!

Freedom, Courtesy of PROHBTD

Poor Mona Lisa! The way art is consumed these days has nothing to do with thoughtful observation and perusing. It’s about social peer-to-peer approvals (read “Likes”). The message is so crystal clear – stop and consumer the art like it should be. Think about when and how it was created. Get into the history and story behind the masterpiece. “Drink”, “eat”, “absorb” it instead of taking photos and posting on social media.

Courtesy of PROHBTD

PROHBTD’s Art for Marketers

What’s in it for marketers and SEO experts? Visual artists like PROHBTD feel the struggles happening in our society and the business world and are able to present these problems under unusual and improbable angles. Artists don’t write memos, but rather help us visualize what’s wrong and where we’d rather be. Artists like PROHBTD tell visual stories where incompatible elements come together to create strong messages.

Old masterpieces and new art types are ideal breakaway territories where marketers can find new inspiration. This is where new brainstorm ideas and creative thoughts may spring. Don’t neglect the power of art. Find a minute to take a longer look and think about the creator’s intent and message expressed in the piece.

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